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MicroBit News
Google Translation:

Valentine's Day upload activity!!

Dear users!

[Image: love.gif]

On Valentine's Day, we are preparing for a special promotion (2/14 - Friday).

[Image: love.gif]

After you upload each romantic movie, you will receive bonus points.

Terms and Rewards

Only FIlm categories are welcome!

Every torrent you upload (except Cam - e-book - Mobile - Images - Clip / Video) will be credited with bonus points depending on size, in the following resolution:

100 MB-1GB: 1000 bonus points
1 GB to 10 GB: 2500 points
Above 10 GB: 5000 points

- The conditions -

- uploaded torrents must be seeded up to 5 downloads
- Only torrents that are compliant with the rules and accepted by staff will participate in the promotion
- if you have a low upload speed, you can only upload the next torrent if you already have a minimum of 5 downloads in the previous promotional torrent
- torrents must be marked for ACTION, otherwise upload is not accepted

Happy Valentine's Day!


μBit staff

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