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TI.org Forum - Important to know
[Image: 0Off2YB.png]

This TI.org forum is not the same as the other TI.org forum, only the appearance is the same and some users

This is a completely unique forum that I created myself, I have long been involved in the profession - like editing the forum!

This forum is accessible to everyone, but of course everyone has to follow the rules!

this TI.org forum is self-designed, with many similarities to the original TI.org Forum

by the way, I also note I made the design - original TI.org forum !

and my name was original, earlier than the other @ TheTrader!

you do not have to believe anyone this forum speaks for itself, in beauty and eventually in activity!

Anyone in doubt send me pm, this forum is still under development, but it is already working properly!

Everyone who registers here has chosen the right place, if you just want news or just to exchange, here you will find everything on a TI.org forum!

I created forums several years ago, and I also created TI.org in 2010! - https://torrentinvites.org/

If you like the forum stay here!!!
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