A brief word on the current situation

With the Covid19 virus sweeping the world and many countries in either full or partial lockdown, there will inevitably be a knock-on effect in the world of TV.
Some current shows have been suspended and schedules are being rearranged to accommodate extra news and current affairs broadcasts. There is a forum post with more information about this HERE
Other than these scheduling changes life will go on as normal here on TVC. Our wonderful cappers and uploaders will continue to keep you entertained for the duration! There may however be times when we need to find cover, or when shows are late to air without warning, so please be extra patient if your favourite show is not on site as quickly as usual.

Although we really hate to ask, we have to be honest. TVC needs your help...
Rebuilds and new servers do not come cheap and with the world's markets in free fall what little we had in reserve has been massively devalued. In short, we are broke and will struggle to meet the bills this month if donations do not pick up.
We realise that things are tough for everyone right now, and donating may not be an option for many, but if you are able to contribute even a tiny amount it would be very much appreciated and will help ensure our survival.
As a thank you and an Easter bonus all donations will receive double bonus points and all crypto donations (Bitcoin) will receive double bonus points and double freeleech torrents until the end of April.

For information on donating other than with Bitcoin, please contact A*** or T***

Lastly a bit of lockdown fun.
There is a new forum for fun and games. Please post your funny pics, stories, recipes, silly games, etc. Anything to brighten the days and alleviate the boredom for those who are stuck at home! To post photos in the forum you need to first host the image on a hosting site such as imgur and then copy the BB [img] link into your forum post.
We will shortly be opening a competition to design new category icons for the browse page. More information about this will be in the forums over the next couple of days.

Stay well, stay safe...stay home!