COVID-19 Quarantine FreeLeech

Due to the COVID-19 virus and quarantine restrictions imposed by many countries and the effects this may have on BT members as well as boxing fans around the globe we have decided to enable site wide Free Leech until further notice.

Signups will remain open however we have increased the minimum account upload total requirement from 5GB to 8GB for downloading torrents larger than 2.5GB in order to curb misuse and abuse of the Free Leech period for new members, H&R requirements will also still be in effect and enforced.

We encourage all members to add any fights you may wish to share on the tracker as well as letting friend's, family, acquaintances and boxing fans alike know that signups are open and Free Leech is in effect.

Advertising of the sites URL, content and services is also encouraged and permitted.

Stay safe and remain strong.

BT/Staff. :b*****