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    Usergroup And User Ranks

    Usergroup Top Ranks!

    1: This is the highest rank on the forum - ( Administrators ), cannot be requested! by appointment only

    2: This rank is the moderator level, highest rank - ( Super Moderators ), cannot be requested! if we find it good, we ask him to the ranks

    The moderator is the moderator of the forum, you cannot ask for this rank ! - ( Moderator ) if we judge him and then ask him to do the job!

    This is the entry level moderator, ranks - ( Trial Moderators ) you can only get here if you are very active on the forum, we will see this! Asking is forbidden!

    One of the most trusted members of the forum ranks - ( Trusted ) , there is no doubt that you are active, don't ask for this rank just be very active

    He is a member of forum vip, ranks - ( V.I.P ) very active and helps a lot in forum work, don't ask for this rank, just be active

    This is the forum sponsor rank - ( Donor ) , it is given to those who sponsor the site with money, so in return they get this rank + you can choose from gifts, never ask this rank, if you sponsor the site you can get this rank!

    After registration, everyone gets this rank ( Registered User ) , after that they have the title grades, then if you are very active or you can have a higher rank!

    This rank - ( <strike>Banned</strike> ) goes to those who have done wrong on the forum eg cheated, lied to other evil! Therefore, they will no longer have access to the forum!

    User Ranks ( Classes ) !
    These classes are available after the posts, read how much take-up you need!


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